multifarious \mul-tuh-FAIR-ee-us\ adjective

: having or occurring in great variety : diverse : a variegated configuration

Dictionary makers have dated the first appearance of “multifarious” in print as 1593 and rightly so but before that time another word similar in form and meaning was being used: “multifary,” meaning “in many ways” and appearing (and disappearing) in the 15th century. Before either of the English words existed, there was the Medieval Latin word “multifarius” (same meaning as “multifarious”), from Latin “multifariam,” meaning “in many places” or “on many sides.” “Multi-,” as you may know, is a combining form meaning “many.” A relative of “multifarious” in English is “omnifarious” (“of all varieties, forms, or kinds”), created with “omni-” (“all”) rather than “multi-.”

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