Since the mid 90s I have used the journal as an expression of the daily journey, the jour, the hour’s meditations. These contemplations have helped me to get through challenges and to look for ways of exploring my creativity first for my own journey through the meandering labyrinth of time and secondly, to find again the images upon which my heart opens. There are threads that lead us through our lives, and only by looking carefully, listening for the notes, the “chords” of this music that represent the symphony of living…These reflections relate to the practice of living and integrating the strategies and tactics of life and its relation to the working practice we all try to balance with our lives, a fulcrum of the implicit and the explicit.

To you, I offer some pages from the most recent journal and submit that the journal is also something for you to explore, to wander through your daily thoughts and to set these in the merest reflections: a sentence, a paragraph or multiple pages. Free your thoughts in writing with sketches and interpretations of your feelings, and in the end, some benefit will come of the explorations.

Thanks for listening…to these threads.

tim girvi