what rises, will fall.

as you might know, now, my computer was stolen in the office, yesterday. People all around. In, there, out. Some people saw this person, connected and tried to escort him away — but he seemed to know a lot about me — card in hand, P&G connection, etc. But what he did seem to gather was more about what was lying around, and how quickly to improvise a story based on what he found.

A good skill, I suppose, that quick-on-your-feet savvy….

But, very bad for me. Days of work, thousands of images, lots of cool and newly organized files, special and newly invented presentations, inspirations and lustrations — lost.

They’re gone, now.

And I’m struggling to begin again. Start over.

At least no one was hurt.

That’s the best thing, really — everyone’s okay. Do the work and get back to it.


Stacking stones. Sure, they’ll come down again, but it’s the instant that they are up, that’s good. There’s pleasure in re-arranging them again. I’ll focus on that.

Happy Christmas Eve.

All good. All ways.