Well I did get there, Bhutan…and it’s been a long running in exploration. It didn’t just happen, there were synchronies involved. And it seems like the best travel takes you about two days to get out there. There’s the first jump, then the second — and finally when you get there, there’s a third and fourth jump, that takes you further. Further, farther out.

And I do like to live there, in that place that’s further out. Being there, brings you closer to the connections of — and with — the people. And for me, it’s always about that, the people. What stories they tell, what learnings are found – and how do you, and them, emerge as changed in your connection?

And I’ve been out there in it — and no links for access to much of anything other than this exquisite channel of humanity — each, beautiful in their way, each splendid in some aspect of presentation framing, and the two minutes shy of heart attack, I struck.

From Chomolungma, Mother Goddess of the World, inwards, to Bhutan…Below, see what people, found.

I realize that there are no stories here — written, but there will be — as they emerge. More there, later.

Lucky me.

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