Think, Don't Even...

I was thinking…

No I wasn’t.

When I contemplate the idea of thinking, I wonder — what’s the point? What I wonder about is the link between the state of dreaming, and the state of thinking. Isn’t the examination of the dream state not far from the lift of thinking?

That takes me to meaning. In the ancient meditations on the nature of the word(s) — there is always something that lies beneath.

That idea of something lying beneath is where thinking lives, in the silent observatory. Considering the ancient roots of language, there is a lot of “thought” about “thinking.” 5,000 years back, that might be, the PIE* seed sounds of *tong– “to think, feel;” this, too, the root of thought and thank. These two word meanings converged in the Middle English and þyncan “to seem” was absorbed, except for archaic methinks “it seems to me.” (Douglas Harper)

What I find compelling — nay, enchanting — about the idea of thinking is the distinct alignment to feeling; and from there, that rumination, that study — a new wholeness emerges. Recently, I’ve been writing about that, the idea of thinking, feeling, reactivity and reflective contemplation of the idea. What of dream, then? What of daydreaming, too? From the ancient legacy, there is “Old Norse draumr, the Danish drøm, from Swedish dröm, Old Saxon drom “merriment, noise,” Old Frisian dram”dream,” Dutch droom, Old High German troum, and finally the German traum “dream,” perhaps from West Germanic *draugmas “deception, illusion, phantasm.” Possible cognates outside Germanic are the Sanskrit druh– “seek to harm, injure,” the Avestan druz– “lie, deceive.” But O.E. dream meant only “joy, mirth,” also “music.” Words for “sleeping vision” in O.E. were mæting and swefn (from PIE *swep-no-; cf. Gk. hypnos).”

The mix for me, is the waking dream, the wander between the line of distinct focused, planned lines of circumspection and the seeing of ideas — and the dreaming of them.

When I daydream, I walk around the visioning of challenges and ideals — and then from there, the capture of fascinations that take me to the solvency of the liquid mind. Inspirations pour, from one place to another. Change happens. And the thinking dream takes you — the thinking dreamer — some place new.

The drift of the resolving dream, the waft of the thinking state — they intermix to new meanings of comprehension.


Girvin Cloudmind |