the night, as I slept, was long:
wind driven, rain washed, sea
crashing, on the rocks —
a lengthy whispering
that took me to the place
of the deep dream, the deep
dive — still, a vision — from
me, contemplating you…

being here now, it’s goodness,
in the quietude, still
alone, recalling, to your warming
expressions and gentle
smile. Feeling blessed, in all:
with what I know, share,
experience and drift to —
in my wandering…with you.

The art of love, of loving
all, of you, that there is —
in the opening of
the new portal, that door
to discovering the seedling
of the day, as yet…

unknown. Promising:

loving you, darling
loving all that is you, darling
loving all that we share, darling
loving you, in the emergence:

today, my little butterfly…

Love from Dad, a morning, of thinking of you…
Decatur Island 4.15.06