After long, stormwashed and cast along, the Wanderer stone was found, buried under tons of washed pilings and logs, hidden, the gyrovague — a stony meandering. Never lost, merely unseen…

gyrovague (JYE-ro-vayg) noun

A monk who travels from one place to another.

[From French, from Late Latin gyrovagus gyro- (circle) + vagus (wandering).]

“Other forms of religious life on Mount Athos fall outside these two major categories and include anchorites, hermits who live alone in secluded cells or in groups of two or three in remote houses with their own chapels, and gyrovagues – itinerant, mendicant monks.”

Plutarchos Theocharides; The Holy Mountain; UNESCO Courier; Jan 1998.

Wishing only wellness, in any wandering, to all…

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