Bhutan Journal

The Treasure Revealer at 7 Years of Age.

His Holiness | Terton Drukda Dorji

What length, these days. What breadth, in experience. Beginning at 4.30am, climbing to Taksang, being the first there (on the most spectacularly auspicious day), summiting above that edifice, coming all the way back down after 7 hours — and then driving high (again) into the mountains once more, to explore this other place, a monastery long closed to the public for the day, now — working and studying, winds bearing prayers, bells, and spinning prayer wheels, creaking in the movement of their turning. The prayer flags crackled like fire in the night breeze; there were cattle, sleeping in the dark, outside the temple ground.

Sangchaoekhor, yet another monastery. And I found myself thinking, what more could be hoped for? How much more could we handle, discover, after today…After today, and what’s been done.

And after — yet again — touring the temples within, making offerings, prostrations, the monks offer: “would we like to sit with the Guru Rinpoche incarnation in the manifestation of Treasure Revealer?” And by the way, he’s 7.

A very bright little presence, lit with a glow.

And his training, now? To become the “Treasure Revealer” — a Lama that reaches into things to find their treasures and secrets. Like gems in stone rocksides, mystical symbols at the bottom of lakes, scrolls and hidden messages…These have been planted everywhere by the 7th century Tibetan master Guru Rinpoche, revered throughout the Himalayas.

I don’t know enough about him to comment — an amazing figure; and the introducer of Buddhism to the Tibetans, as well as all the clans of the Himalayas.

And that is what this little boy is doing.

And we met him, and will be sending along some books for him, I’m guessing.