In meditating on the practice, the work that I do, it’s about

The inspiration of the Ten Keys.

1. Acknowledge the spirit, the force in all things.
2. Watch and embrace the flow of energy — the ch’i.
3. Every gathering of people, in audience, business or community, is about flow and energy.
4. In speaking with them, you must sense them first.
5. In offering something, there must be resonance: the vibrations must be clear and reflected.
6. In telling the story of the proposition — the offering, consider all the senses.
7. While the story is told, the experience had, watch all and learn — in flow.
8. Consider this: the changing current of the river — the ripplings are the same, but the patterning adjusts.
9. In all, truth be told.
10. “Energy is eternal delight” (william Blake) All of this work is about the translation of energy; from one, to another.