Today has been a day of meditation — while there’s been good, to the examination of outcomes, it’s been a sad day as well.

I think about passage – those that have been before. Brother — Matt L. Girvin. Former wife –Kathleen A. Roberts. Friends. Others emerge in the recalling — and I think of those that have been affected by these passing moments — lives, snipped.

I look out. I contemplate. I recall.

I think about passage — the movement — in the context of one person in particular, whose name shall remain unknown. Very close, yet now very far.

The balanced stone, looking out — that, the emblem of THE SENTINEL. Stony lookout.

As the sentinel, I look out, the guard of things known, unknown, stories that are held close and others that are just in the making. And in that — I might be striding further away. That possible emerging distance, another road traveled — that is the sad evocation of the sentinel — seeing that pathway: diverge.

Some times, the questions must be asked — to the authentic being. Being in, be in — the truth. In that truth — even to oneself, the query must be framed.

And this stone, that rests on another, it’s the memorial stone. It’s the memory stone of being, loss, and recollection.

Today, I shall remember. For ever.