The leap — any jump, the reach, the leap out into the blue — it’s that moment when all unfolds in risk and adventure — but in the burst of imagination, it all must be placed there. Jump into the breach.

New Mexico

It would seem that the real meditation is whether you are doing what you want to be doing. Being in your doing. Doing: being.

When I think about the heart of this exploration — meetings, a break, connecting with clients, friends, relationships — and traveling with my girlfriend, Dawn — it is a recollection, a recounting of the spirit of the year.

2010, fraught with so many challenges, for so many. I pray for them.
And in the instance, this instant, I am grateful — even for the hardest of times, the working of this year, more intense and focused than any.

But I’m here, alive, astride the precipice (The summit of Chimney Rock, Ghost Ranch) — at the end of light, the end of the world, at the beginning of so much.

Beauty, all ways.