In the distance of the night, and the earliest morning, some time in the crossing from one day to another. I was just up. I thought to look at the eclipse, but there were clouds and the raining movements covered the shadowed line.

I was thinking about what could be seen, and what not — and I imagined the cusping shadow, passing by, blacking the moon, then reappearing.

Getting up, during that time, I stayed up, working through the movement of the morn, the shifting stars, the clouds and mists.

And there was something to that — a little celebration — the longest night and now the shortest day. I walk through the day.

In anything, the idea of reflecting the symbolism — the mist, the clear, the light, the dark, the luminous moon, the shadowed convexity.

In all, a blessing.

To be here, to the heart — beating.

t | Queen Anne Elementary, Old Queen Anne Hill