The art of seeing closer: the magnifying glass
and the imagination of the ant

The art of seeing closer: the magnifying glass


When I was little, I put my head on the ground, in the grass, pretending I was an ant. I’d drag my head along, moving through the close earth. I carved tunnels and underground kingdoms, thinking that I could see into other worlds, with wooden matches, or birthday candles, these chambers would be lit, firelight. One imagining, another.

I have a collection of magnifying glasses — some new, many old. Others, very old. And I’ve arranged these one of the working areas, along with a lensed, glassed support for an aluminum candle.

In the flickering of the movements in the office, this candle becomes multiple eyes of light. And you can see into the many oculi of these glasses, each peering at the light, as you too, see layers of magnification and reflection — refracted in the polishment.

One eye(d) image, here, seeing closer…

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