Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometime back, in October, there was a group of wild turkeys, that came to visit me. And while they are normally very reticent about being close to people, these were friendly.


I called to them, they came, and stayed for some bread.

They gathered just up from my house, next to an installation I call Manjushri. This is a shrine — it’s an old stump of a snag that actually collapsed on my house. After the tree fell on my house, I was thankful that it (my house) was still there, so I made a kind of shrine out of the stump, remembering. There are a collection of Bhutanese Manjushri wooden swords of knowledge gathered on the shrine. And you find these in the high mountains, on the grounds around prayer flag sites and pavilions, in Bhutan http://tim.girvin.com/Entries/353.

Around the turkeys, you can see the tips, pointing like arrows, upwards from the stump shrine. In the mountains of Bhutan, these are capping points on the top of prayer staffs that hold the flags of prayer — once they fall, you can pick up the Manjushri swords, made of wood and painted…



I’m thank full, for that visit.


Happiest thanks, giving.

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