Hello and good morning…

I find this, seeing this, an odd mnemonic to the day — of Presidents, no less. I suppose that we associate eagles with the presidency, do we not? Not sure, entirely, what we are celebrating there…but it’s today.

To eagles, however…and seeing this one, yesterday:

To the spirit of what is there, what is seen, what is experienced — and in this word — hallowed, somehow there’s something to the truth of it. An ancient word, below — recalled in a different manner, perhaps. Seeing something sacred and powerful — and in this natural aspect, learning from it. But in thinking about the “presidents” day, the word, the meaning — the thing that grasps me more powerfully than anything, to seeing and sensing this grand bird — is the attention. What does this being really see?

It reminds me, in looking — really, to pay attention. Watching this bird, the span of attentive watch-fullness to me, to getting closer, was deep and mystical. And wonderful. And hallowed, somehow…

worth celebrating, this day…regardless of the name of the day.

hallowed \HAL-oad\ adjective

1 : holy, consecrated
*2 : sacred, revered

Something that is hallowed is looked upon with great respect, often due to its high stature or important role in history. Look into the history of the word, however, and it might just give you the shivers. “Hallowed” is the past participle of the verb “hallow,” a term that derives from the Middle English “halowen.” That word can in turn be traced back to “hālig,” Old English for “holy.” During the Middle Ages, “All Halowen Day” was the name for what Christians now call All Saints’ Day, and the evening that preceded All Halowen Day was “All Hallow Even” — or, as we know it today, Halloween.

Wishing well, now in the bittercold — NYC