I met this person, JJ Abrams.

And the journey in understanding him is a take on how I tend to approach things. And in being open.

I find that I have an ongoing awareness of things that are aligned with my own interest, but then there’s the rest of the world. And if I don’t know about it, well, then, I don’t know about it. And it can be typical things, that many others live by. American Idol. Or Survivor. Corn Flakes. Lawnmowers. I just don’t know. About them.

But when I work on something, a new relationship, a new client, I dig in.

And so it was with JJ Abrams. That is, I had a project, and it required that I know something about him. So I dug in. But the real key is learning more about his thinking in connecting with him personally.

Here’s the content that I found compelling.

For JJ — who’s a writer and director, (Joy Ride, M:I:III) the idea was about the uncovering of mystery. And it’s how he thinks about stories — that is, if you get into the compulsion of exploring a story, you are drawn in. You get to a place, and examine that, you dig in. You embrace it; you become psychically connected; you’re not just reading, you are there, inside. But in any good telling, that revelation becomes a deepening. That is, you go deeper, get pulled in deeper; it’s working that way. The nature of the string and the story. But, with really good stories, in that deepening, we go to the next realm of the mystery.

And if you are a person that is exploring this in your life, you will always be peeling the layers. And it might be just that, peeling the layers. But I’m looking for the layers, and the mystery, of what can be found.

JJ spoke of this. That is. He had a box that was given to him from a magic shop. I had one of these too. It was a box of mystery, with a big question mark on it.

And this prop, from Tannen’s Magic Shop, speaks well to the nature of all that. All this. The point to clarity is about looking for that next mystery, that next level, that next space to discovering. And for me, that’s what it is about.

It’s about finding the magic in things, and knowing that it’s unstoppable; it’s every present. Its presence is forever. And you keep looking, keep going deeper. To find more.

And in finding more, you are more.