Hi and good morning…

We couldn’t fly out on last night’s flight due to the storm in Seattle. The airport was, to our insightful analysis, quaking in the storm. The pilot told us he didn’t think the situation was improving…but worsening (and that, then, the storm had closed the airport).

Speaking of round, goin’ round, and all that…Sherwin and I are heading out this morning, returning this early afternoon. I’ll cab home, then grab my car to come downtown. Jami Parr was sweetly generous to get us rooms in the TI — for which we are profoundly grateful (!!!)



I’ll plan on working this afternoon and evening, as well as the weekend, to catch up. Need me, connect with me.

wishing well:

tsg |girLV:NVin



(randl) Also 5 roundele, 5-6 -elle, 5-7 -ell, 7 -ill; 5 roundul, Sc. -all, 6-8 -al, 7 -ill; 5 rowndel, 6 -ale, 6-7 -ell.[ad. OF. rondel masc. or rondelle fem., f. rond ROUND a. Hence also med.L. rondellus, -um and rondella, It. rondello, rondella, MDu. and Du. rondeel, MLG. rondel, rundel, G. rundel (rondel), Sw. rundel, Da. runddel,rundel. For varying adoptions of the word in English see RONDEL, ROUNDLE, and RUNDLE.]. 1.a. A circle drawn, marked out, or formed in any way. Now dial.


a1290 Beket 2128 in S. Eng. Leg. I. 167wane men peyntiez an Anletnesse,..ere is depeint a Roundel al a-boutee heued. c1384 CHAUCER H. Fame II. 791 Yf that thow Thorwe on water now a stoon,..hyt wol make anoon A litel roundell as a sercle. c1425 WYNTOUN Cron. I. ix. 533 As men may be a roundall se Merkit to be delt in thre. c1440 Promp. Parv. 438/1 Rowndel, rotundale. 1529 MORE Dyaloge I. Wks. 121/1 Those nygromancers..that put theyr confydence in the roundell and cercle on the grounde. 1561 EDEN tr. Cortes’ Art Navig. I. xx. 22 The Epicicle, is a circle or little roundel. 1634 WITHER Embl. 157 These roundells helpe to shew the mystery Of that immense and blest Eternitie. 1875 PARISH Dict. Sussex Dial., Roundel, a circle; anything round. 1876 F. K. ROBINSON Whitby Gloss. s.v., A witches roundel, that within which she performs her rites.