Greetings and good morning.

It’s been a while — and it’s been a wild while…literally. Things are primitive here, but actually more primitive than I’d thought.

Hard to find ways to link in, even in places that I’d thought I’d connect — there have been actual electrical challenges as well. Because of drought, there have been “load shedding” and energy distributions that have been challenging to hook up. And right now I’m on a land line surrounded by friendly Bhutanese and we’re talking while I’m trying to collect all the mail for an update.

It’s been an incredible trip, but as you can well imagine, typically intense with action. Lots of running into the mountains, meeting people, exploring, getting lost, being found — and beauty. All of it. But I’m also excited about the potential to come back — that will begin in a couple of days. I’ll stay here in Paro for a little longer, fly to Delhi, fly to London, then come home on Sunday afternoon — after about 20 hours.

I’ve been working on a collection of blog notes — but I’ve never been in place that I could shoot them out. Quickly at least. So, in stead, I’ve been collecting them.

I’ll plan on creating them in a string of completed stories, then boot them out for placement on By Sunday, I should have a wifi link up in Delhi and will shoot them along to Grant. We’ll load them up.

As well, I’ve been collecting a best of sequence — and I’d be happy to present that at ravencall or allstaff some point soon.

What have I learned, here?

People work hard to live. I can do that better.

Here’s something(s) to gander at:

Wishing every wellness, all.

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