Walking by Radio City Music Hall, I once again spied JayZ — I’d met him before in Miami, for a moment — he was my idol, enskied and sacred.

Someone who has been enskied has been raised, figuratively, as high as the sky. The “en-” prefix indicates putting something or someone into or on whatever the second part of the word indicates in this case, the sky. Lots of words have been formed this way; some of them are quite familiar (“enthrone,” “entrap”), whereas others are as high-flown as “ensky.” “Enisle,” for example, means “to put someone on an island,” or, figuratively, “to isolate someone.” “Enwomb” means “to shut one
up as if in a womb.” The very first, and most famous, use of “ensky” occurs in Shakespeare’s
Measure for Measure, when Lucio tells Isabella, a novice in a convent, “I hold you as a thing enskied and sainted.”

Hope you are happy and rejuvenated.

tsg | nyc