It’s something, love — that’s passionate. Passion, love — the twain of exhilaration and magic, the enchantment of fascination. Spell on you.

I contemplate that in the way of people that are magnetically connected to each other. You can see that, the rightful sparks that leap out, cross the table, across the reconnection of those that are being missed, now returned. Fire, warms. Sizzle.

Smack. Lightning ranges – strikes the line.

But working in the south, with friends and family — there are other forms of commitment and engagement.


I was at a roadhouse — a grill, old southern style barbeque place, taking pictures of a brand (a story that ranges back some 95 years — a Carolina beverage co.) This large man, standing a good six inches over the top of my six’ one” — “son, do you like that brand that you’re taking a picture of?”

For me, shooting retail is a practiced art of speed and magical gesture — the nuance of photographing where you’re not supposed to. Retail, the theatre of design is a brand asset. “Excuse me sir, but you can’t take pictures here!” I do, and write about them.

But this person wasn’t ready to hurl me out — he wanted to share. “C’mon over here and see what I’ve got here.” Something marvelous, old, beauty full — a story.

He loved telling that story. And sharing. And again. Working for this old brand — and the family that fosters it, it’s fascinating to observe the commitment, the passion, the love of the brand, the story, the telling. And the retelling – the retailing retold.

People love this brand — gathering round. One story, spells another — and there it goes, rippling outward. The potent emotionality lies in the telling of the narrative that springs from the heart of connection, relevance, truth and resonance: relationships. Passion, ignited and kept as a slow burn.

More, to the story is here: Since I’m just beginning the road yet again, I’ll reach to another writing, another story, and the heart of its beginnings. Layers of love, legend.

Tim | Salisbury, North Carolina