3.25.06 Cairn of lavastone | Mt. Merapi | Java

obviate \OB-vee-ayt\, transitive verb:
To prevent by interception; to anticipate and dispose of or make unnecessary.

Obviate derives from Latin obviare, “to meet or encounter,” from ob viam, “placed or coming in the way” (ob, “in front of”; via, “way”).


My path is about finding things in the way. I find things, they are in my way. And what means is that they are in my way. I believe that we all do this — things are discovered, located, revealed in our way of being. That this sensing has to do with how we frame things in our experience. We find things in our world. And what we discover is about that. Finding things in just our way, none other. But of course, the challenge is, how do you change that, deepen that, find more? How do you get into another frame work of seeing, uncovering, sensing?

Listen to your dreams

Write what you listen to (it will be held)

Dream in your day (let your self wander)

Let your mind tool (thinking of tooling as scanning over things)

Be open to others showing (you, their way)

Quiet your self (and sense what is found)

Be distracted (and see what refraction of focus finds)

Rest (less)

eXplore (and look to all paths at the crossroad [X])

Be prepared for beauty (it’s not all ways expected)


Consider the lightning bolt (surprise!)

Savor the revelation (revel!)

Get out (of your town)