What I’ve learned over the last number of months, in taking training in one-on-one fighting.
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Some key advice:

Think about what each of these might mean in your circumstances.


All fighting is about grace and stamina. Don’t weaken yourself.

Be light on your feet, ready for blows. Expect contact. Your strength will be in being present.

In response: Stand firm, on your ground.

Steer clear of trouble, be ready to void blows.

Just because there’s a blow coming, doesn’t mean you have to take it full on. Don’t accept full strikes, let them glance off you.

Your opponent will strike, be prepared to avoid being struck.

Look your opponent in the eye, but look past them to the movements of the whole body.

Keep your fists up — do NOT allow any blows to your face.

Be fast, ready to move in and out, front and back — do not stand and accept strikes.

Do not be angry, be serene in facing your opponent.

Breathe — in every stroke, your power lies in constant replenishment.

All fighting is a dance. Those who dance the best, win.


Love even your enemies. Seen thus, they shan’t be so.

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