I sense you
in the mist.

the long night
seen out, only
so far, white.

out, where the
air culls sea
scent, found.

and known,
that calling
spun from

the gust and
foamed curl
of every wave.

cast, sings
your name
in the darkness

of the blackwhite
morning, scene
in my eyes.

that, wet in
the fury of the
rain, teared

so my sight
glistens, light
glows and

quivers, as
my heart
reaches out.

in the imagining
of you, there —
standing out

in the alone,
rippling from
the distant.

sea, sprayed
from the heart
of the beyond.

mystery, found
in the love,
siren spun.

from far,
brought close,
center of me.

heat of you.