In that exploration, that movement to see, I ponder what I’ve seen, what I’ve missed, what I’ve scene, what I’ve mist.

In my experience — it’s that moment of attention — what might be sensed in the light, the energy of the encounter, the momentum of vibration. How awake am I — how attentive, to the now, this instance — the instant?

I can only offer this:

I wonder about what is scene, and what is not — seen?
I contemplate the knowing that is there — what you’ve touched, that is now disappeared.
What you’ve seen, that vanishes — and then is present.

Here, there, everywhere. And no where.

Place is like that. Real, then realized; known, then unknown; touched, then evanescent.

Gone, like mist.

to be returned to, another moment.

more soon. soon more.

Here I am. But can you see me?

tsg | decatur island