Someone said, “how come you’re always talking about the promise being part of a mission — what’s that mean?”

In any work, the idea of defining a mission might be an intention that suggests the spirit of brand, action, direction, actualization. And, in that mission – how, actually, do people “fit” inside of that missioning? Carrying the mission, going out into the world — surely, zealous — that’s one attribute of enterprise and experience connection. There might be mission, and vision — the statement of value, the offering of proposition, the differentiating attributes, the quality of the person of the brand: personality, the concretion of statement, that defines and builds that gesture out to community, into relationships of the working teams themselves.

That could be beautiful. Or utile. Or just — get it done.

What of your mission?

As I move forward, into the day, what I’m meditating on is just that — my promise. If there is a sense that any movement into the day is the context of a mission, my travel out into the work, the world, is as the carrier of a missionary intelligence. It is I — the mission, the missionary, the carrier of the promise.

And you, that mission, what would that be?

But studying the ancient word, the antiquated context, mission becomes a (Latin) promittere, a “sending for, a foretelling, a promise,” of the pro – being “before” and mittere, “the putting forward, the sending.”

As I stride into the emerging day, I contemplate that promise. My mission, going forward — a promise.

Bringing beauty, that would be my promise — my mission, walking that way, the clouds of ideas, the vapor of mystery and wonder — the mission of invention, beauty-making and the putting forth, the sending of that messaging.

Tim | NYC