it is about that, remembering.

you look back, to what has been, to see more of what is, and finally, what shall be.


Some might’ve spent the day focused on the recollections of MLK.

Others: recalling other things. I thought about my brother, Matt. And so, in looking back at Matt, what he and I did together, it was good to do that. Look back, but not stare. Remember, in the constructive focus of the moment — what was shared, learned, advanced.

I made a cairn on the island with my parents — which I’d offer is about the most delicately balanced 8 foot plus arrangement I’ve ever, we’ve ever, done.

Pictures here.

Making it.

And lighting it.

The cairn ablaze.

The crescent moon.

Fire settling down, after.

The cairn in the water.

View from above, out there…

Heading out to Salt Lake this morning. Will try to see Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, on the way in…speaking of stones, arranged.

And, if you are wondering, who’s Matt —

warmest, happy Tuesday.

all ways looking, all ways remembering —

t. | seattle