While I’m working in Vancouver, I’m looking at a sign, part of one — and a message.

It’s not the whole sign,
but there is a telling
in what remains.

I’m thinking about the label —
the mark, the story, the message.

As the strategist of design in brand, the passionate storytelling of enterprise and product, it’s always the legendary telling, the character of the product(ion,) that draws the community to the relationship — and it’s the mark that encapsulates that messaging.

One mark, the stamp, the labeling that compresses the messaging in a manner that a whole world of thinking is borne — and carried on the winds of inspiration, imagination and integrated connectedness to boost resonance.

Resounding: the song of resonance sings the signing signature — out to a relational relevance — the labeling: the marks springs to mind in the spirit of utility and enchantment. That engagement, the embracement, builds relationship. But that mark can be the memorized gesture that speaks to the heart of the story. Every relationship is just that — a relating; and the relating — therein, indeed (and in deed) is the telling of a story. A community relates — and the telling is carried onwards.

But in the contemplation of messaging — the tiny real estate of the mark — that compression of story into the stamped storytelling; that could be package, seal, device or signet; and that brings the viewer, the sampler into the moment of the mark, a whole world of working, thinking, listening and telling.

Seeing that word — mark — it reminded me of the beginnings; that mark, the heart, story and product — these sync in mind and memory.

And from there, the mark goes and goes on, rippling out. In the threading, and the meaningfulness of time and etymology, mark — that word: it is the geography of the border, the map of the boundary — it is the edge, the impression, it is the sign. And in each, the mark takes the experiencer beyond that closely-held moment, to something new and special.

Mark, the path to the undiscovered country — telling of new places yet to be explored.

Mark it, well.