Gabrielle, good morning, sweet second borne daughter — hoping that you are feeling better this day.

This image came to me. And reminded me of what we’ve been talking about. It made me think of you in this way.

Little Luna | Gabrielle

My little spirit
still young, yet
in the movements
of her young body

housing the old soul
that searches there —
and is — the ancient mystery
of that : the potent

feminine, surges
in the tide of time
and seeing all that
passes her gaze

beauty there, in the
coming of the washing
shore, that gravity,
the moon, her

goddess, that brings
her through the month
of love, life and the
washed shores of

experience, being here
called to the song
of the feminine, passing
in the arced curve

of that moon, circling
the earth, one calling
another, sunshadowed
yet balanced

and growing in the
challenges of the saddest
of times, and in the joy
of being full, in the

loving life, of being here
healing here, growing
here, advancing here
newlife found — for ever.

love dad

1.24.07 5.05am
New York City