Light and presence.

A couple of years back, in being with my parents at their home overlooking the waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene, I’d sat up, sometime around 5 am, out on their deck, looking into the trees, and painting the light as it came through the grand pines, that reach skyward.

And from that, I’d redrawn these visualizing a kind of spirit of light, coming through the trees, flickering the glimmering of the morning bound, rippled and water shimmer, warm light refracting.

I was there a week ago, from that, seen, scene, again.

I sense that spirit here, in these…

I visualize a tall figure, head — flaming and illuminated, the body, a veil of fire, scintillant in the waters. Can you see that?

I ponder, too, in a way, the nature of architecture and light — and spirit. What then, the inspiration of light in cathedrals — was it the light in the tall trees, reaching into the heart of the viewer: forest, mystery, the numinous, the illumed?