Pun intended, I suppose — the bain, the bath — so called, (bane, rather) of conjurers and magicians: David Blaine. But his newest stunt — amazingly at the Lincoln Center Courtyard — is a curious spectacle…


Not sure how this rates as cultural, being there at the Center. Perhaps with a bent to the cultic? 7 days, ending today, being, as they say: under water, then he releases himself, does some death defying knot untying or manacled unlocking, holds his breath to beat the world record — 8 minutes, and steps out to have something solid to eat…Whatever!

Well, check it out:

A new conception in interior furnishings. New York City. I went there at 10 pm last night, and there must have been 3000 people gathered.

Love it —

wishing well…

tsg | nyc

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