As I’m walking, I come to the known point.

And like the Zen adage — “right now, in everything that informs me, I know only what I know — I know nothing more.”

What that intones is that the grasp of human experience is bound only by the knowledge of what is contained in the instant.

In this stand, this stance — this standing moment — the in-forming of the instant — is based only on what is held in that momentum of presence.

Standing here, I am at the knowing point, of what’s right now.

Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing spectacular about it — it’s merely the knowing point. The known point, of what knowledge I hold in the vessel of this instant.

In a temple in Kyoto — that’s called Ryoan-ji, there are stones there, in the garden, that tell that story: “you know now only what you know now.”

Some people are happy in just that. Others, will quest further. To each, we know only what we hold — now.

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