I’ve been looking at, collecting X.

Why, you might ask.

It’s one of those things that you uncover from your memory — something past and misted. But there.

The X is an ancient symbol — so old, its origin is forgotten. But what is it?

It is the crossing; it is the crossroads, it is the place in which paths merge, lines connect, mysteries emanate.

I can recall being in Bali, and there was a ceremony at the crossroads — for them, it’s a path of collision and danger; the leyak roost there, demons haunt these grounds. Make offerings, then the crossroads are appeased. 

There is the symbolism of the cross in Christ — the ancient crucifix being an X. 

I started with stones. 




Then watching for others, seeing others, contemplating their magic, their mystery. It continues. So that by now, I’ve got hundreds of them. What to do — xplore: more. 

This one, in light: 
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