I contemplate the idea of free.

I’d written a piece on that — working with Chris Anderson (Wired), the notion of free as an enticement to relationship development. I designed the cover to that issue: Free! Be free and show freely to your world — but to his thinking, the concept of free was more so to offering things for free to begin connection with relationships. If you start off with nothing, then use that as the foundation, making connections with people, then you’ll come to a new level of embracement — starting with nothing, building from there.

But what’s special now, to the meditation on free is being, for once in dozens of weekends: free. I don’t have a lot of burdens to prep, accomplish, work towards, or fulfill — before the opening of the week.

That offers a rare respite — a moment’s rest to return to a introspection on the higher calling of the work. Why here, why now, why — a day of uncompromising beauty. That freedom is a relished moment. And it might be just that — the moment of collision, when one idea rests while another emerges and in the juncture of that force, there is quiet. That quietude, voiceless instances are the slowing of momentum to consider — the new sparking of idea(l)s.

I’m grateful for that: a moment, to freedom.

Blessings for that exhalation. Here: inhalation.