Sometimes, in the strength of the passionate moment, there’s a need for force. FORCE ACTIVATES.

And force could captivate.

Enchantment: As the energy passes through, by your presence, the notation of momentum pushes the layering of that moment, the movement of the instant, and you have to push. Or be pulled, or be cast in the (e)motion of transition.

In the hard light, that move is a passing — the force will keep going, and going, and going. And where that might take you could be questioned. Push too hard, and that force can spring back at you. I know that the pushing pull, the pulling push — it can come back again in a way that is unexpected.

Force plays in the spirit of the reflective trajectory — it goes out. And it will come back.

Being gentle in the force of flow, that sliding transitory gesture will come back as grace, if the mudra of that motion is similarly graceful.

Standing now, in the morning emerging — I reach out, swinging my arms and fingers, and the musicality of these orchestrations spring out as flowers, cast in the street. They spill as gestures of bouquets, their spinning spill — the scent of them — it fluently moves around. And people notice — since the force comes and goes around them.

As long as they are watching, attentively — the force, living, flows round.

Tim | NYC
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