Energy, focus, attention, connection —
what is the energy that’s set,
on the context of driving forward;
uncovering the new?

That is personal. That’s brand. That is human; that’s enterprise.

“energy is eternal delight” — it is the captivation of attention and spectacle, because it’s sensible, it’s felt and the touch of energy brings a charge to action.

Energy and interlacement — the weaving of ideas and humanity; brand and energy — and the mix in the match how people work in enterprise; and how people work in their lives.

I’m thinking that people are either in, or out — they’re committed, or they’re vacuous to the intentionality of the team, the story, the brand and its community. Working with people, for nearly 40 years — I see those that are in, that get it; and those that are simply there. Not here.

T H E   W A T C H I N G   L I S T E N I N G

I’m listening to — and watching —  someone on the phone — and talking about commitment, and direction for a brand; but the real conversation is about the concept of committing to something, connectivity, attention; it is requiring focus — zeroing in to the foci; it’s a storytelling exercise. And someone is trying to tell a story to another person; but my suspicion is that they don’t get it.

The energy that is expended in trying to tell  the story oftentimes comes at the risk of how resonant the story really is to the listener. Telling a story — outlining a positioning, watching the eyes and body of the listener; you can see who’s sitting at the table, leaning and learning in; and those that lean back away, drawing their energy away from the circle.

In the work of the brand space — the marketing of an enterprise, these ideas might be deemed commonplace. Do people lean in — or are they regarding the expression in a more circumspect, circling condition. While the intentionality might be there — there is passion in the commitment of the teller; relevance and resonance will be critical. Do you have the energy to listen? Can you focus, for only a moment?

And — to the reflective return (this story becomes my story) is there an energy in spreading the word? Energy — the potency of that magnetic charging of electrical voice, message and imagery will be everything. These days, it is everything. Energy takes focus. Taking energy takes attention to turn it to the next cause — the new telling.

Practice never makes perfect, but it surely makes betterment:

• Passion springs to mind and body.
• Energy is shareable — enthusiasm (from the Greek en + theos, for the “indwelling of divinity”) energizes.
• Staying power is emboldened by energy — without sustenance, a beautiful story might evanesce in the quiet of dissipation.
• Vitality makes things grow.
• Light, shines — as energy.

While I’d never suggest that I really know the perfection of these conditions, surely I’ve seen what works, from marketing to presentations, from visualization to place-making, from evangelism to launches.

E N E R G Y   W I L L   W I N   I N   T H E   E N D .
tim | vancouver

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