I was working in the Dominican Republic this weekend.

On Sunday, I drove around the island, with the boyfriend of one of my clients there.

He drives like I do — wandering. See something, go there. But to explore different entries to the property development we are working for, we had little time to stop and gambol. So I shot from the car, never really looking to crop, to confirm, to set the right dimensions in framing.

I just shot, drive by.

The thing that I learned is that when I did this, somehow a wholly new world of how to see things emerged — completely new ways of framing imagery, without intention. But somehow, in this randomized and speed-by approach, there was a story told, something there, revealed in each image — that I did see, but never expected to turn out in quite this way. Colors and alignments took on new tantalizing juxtapositions.

Here are the images.

Republica Dominicana | 2.4.07

Drive by — then shoot. Try that sometime.