Know about this?

I keep looking around.

This is a boarding brand — boards being skate and snow. More than shoes, obviously.

Their website is relatively quiet, given the more radical character of their brand. And the store | story that holds them.

Their store is less so, to the notions of quiet space: it’s noisy. Loud, it’s intriguing. The design metaphors speak to massive skilift-like fiberglass suspensions that hang from the ceiling, on tracks, that are not only merchandising structures, with the capacity for shelving insets, but point of purchase mounts. And places to sit. There are attached wall merchandising structures, beautifully designed, that are like aluminum lift struts.

The back of the store is a wall of video monitors. And I, along with the rest of the staff, spent most of our time talking about the boarding moves, displayed across the screens. To board culture, it was the place to gather. And we all had something to say.

Space is narrow. You are channeled, speaking to procession and flow.

These observations come from the SOHO flagship on Spring, sprung: 2006.

Walking around, talking, I shot on the fly — to my typical infiltration.

See these. See the store.

Check out: ceiling tracking structures, rubberized floor treatment, merchandising shoe structures.

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