I was taking a rest, after a long week — a contemplation: and things came to mind that recalled the journeys that have been, and what new emergences shall be. And those dreams were deepening, in the meaning — the meditation on making — and the creative spirit that can be unbound, in reflection.


Sometimes, in the work of the week
you stretch back to the weekend
which might not be the end.

there will be more.

It might be the beginning
of more work, to find the right
full balance of things that have

that sparkle in the imaginings

perhaps out of balance, as you work
harder, but perhaps not righter.
What I know is that I’m looking

the right balance

for that, the write, full — the better
balance in my life, that is

creatively passionate. And so I am

scenting on light, the wild rose

drawn into the dream time, some rest
on that afternoon, in which I
traveled, to places that I have

ancient places, that tell some story

been, and places that I’ve not been to,
before; and this grouping of

things that comes before my

the one thing right, for that moment

minds eye, that takes me to that
other dream full space, where
those ideas
are newly discovered

moon aligned, on a stone some centuries back

Going back, I’m going forward.
And I’m finding, in going back,
and seeking that, the word

and I’m crossing the crossroads, miles in the air, mind

before, the foreword, which
brings me to seeing things anew,

the present. And that is…

the love of things rich, wonderful, real

a present. Gift, now.

that could be that one thing found, gifted — the moment.

Imagery from my dream(s) and
what shall continue to unfold.