As designers, we stand to create ideas, impressions, messages and visualizations. And they are patterns — patterning of recognition, patterning pathways, patterning constructions.
We create code, don’t we?

You might ask, just what is a pattern? It’s an ancient phrasing to the notion of a modeling —something right, as a portrayal, an outline, a plan, a modeling — to that of principle, and yes, a principal. Could be true as a patron, as in the Latin “patronus” — that would be a 14th century appropriation, “the one to follow, as in a model.”

What if you could design a single mark, that then would be the centering point of a strategy to design, literally, everything?

Logo first, designed — outwardly?

Start close-in, then move out to everything.
Interiors, signing, packaging, lighting, products.
Just do it all, applicably.
Kris Ruhs did.

Everyone knows about 10 Corso Como.
You too, right?
As a reminding, that
would be
this visioning.

I was there, looking at environments, walking them, studying them, shooting them.My own history lies in that selfsame exploration — how could you design a mark that becomes the center of an experiential universe?

You could, like this, start with the walk-in
and see how it works.
It’s here.

Get out there.
Look for a patterning.
Make a patterning.
Find BrandCode®.