Hi and good morning.

An intense week — surely for all.

I was just here, in the office — seems like. And now I’m back again.

Actually, my plane was late, about 10.30pm, the police came on the jet — and NOT for anything to do with me, as I imagine immediately crosses your minds; then I came to the office to get some things, check out…advancements. Worked later in the night, then woke up to get rolling again. And now here.

I’ve left some cool things in the kitchen, places I’ve been, pitches I’d done, things I explored, in addition to working on a bunch of projects in NYC. And NYC > Seattle.

Wow, what great people I’ve got working with me. Makes me feel good to work hard on finding more interesting things for people to connect with, creatively.

Check out some of the things in the kitchen. They each have a story, an angle.

Let me know your thoughts.

I’m here, then there — the island studio, later this morning.

I will be online all the time, phone connected, unless I’m taking a rest, for a bit.

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