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Paul Stamets with the CBS News

Photo: Dusty Yao

CBS News (Discovery and Sunday Morning News) came out and spent the day with me filming. We took them into the mountains and found the rare Agarikon: Fomitopsis officinalis.

Dusty took this photo of them filming me in the Old Growth forest. there is a Fomitopsis officinalis in the background, and I see a distinct face on the tree to the left.

Seems appropriate for Halloween !

Dawn Clark, AIA LEED AP

tree lover
gorgeous set of images…

I love these places — there’s no place more spiritually fulfilling…

wow cool! I’ve got some images of trees with eyes, too..

here are some others, more toward the spiritual place..

tree-ferns of bali

firs of the cascades

bamboo forest of kyoto

moss tree forest of chele la pass Bhutan

too many more…hundreds I’m working on one blog trees + architecture

it seems that all spiritual architecture is just an attempt at replicating what the trees create their light-filtering canopies, enveloping structures, deep-earth-wood scented floors.

Chie Masuyama, Creative Director, Girvin | Seattle (a co-traveler to the temple compound forest outside Tokyo)


Pam Perry, world traveler and blogger:

Thanks Tim for following along on my adventure. I’m grateful for every
beautiful minute along the path. I feel so ALIVE.

I looked at your diary and love your observations on trees. I have a
particular favorite one in Costa Rica that is believed to be nearly
5,000 years old. I sat in the bellows of that tree and pondered the
many ways it had been supporting the people of that land for so many
years. I have a photo, but unfortunately don’t have access to it right
now. It’s one of the most spiritual places – sitting amid that tree –
that I’ve ever been.

Stuart Balcomb | Transcendent musician and composer
In 1973 I spent the summer with my then-father-in-law in La Push, Wa., commercial fishing for salmon. My sister joined me for a few days, and one night we went deep into the rain forest, lay on our backs, and gazed upward at the stars that were barely visible through the tops of the trees. It was perhaps the most comfortable “bed” I’ve ever laid on. What impressed me the most was the sound, or lack of, in that majestic forest. The silence had a bigness that came from the cosmos, as if the vacuum contained the faint echoes of every sound ever emitted. I was also very aware of the roots that extended downward below my back, perhaps as far down as the trees went up. For that brief but endless moment my body felt the curvature of the earth. I was being pushed through space toward the galaxies above, and I was truly a space traveler.

Written from Lima, Peru

Cecile Thomas | Creative Director: Silverstein-Thomas-Rice
I love trees, I seek them out on my journeys. There is deep comfort in aligning one’s spine to their spine.
On my way to Portugal with Bill Thompson next to me. Will look at trees and think of you.