Contemplating the tree of my dreams…

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There’s one tree that figures repeatedly in my imagination. It’s the tree in front of my house on Decatur Island, which is located north of Seattle by about 75 miles. In Seattle, I live in a small condominium that is an old schoolhouse, built in the beginning of the last century. It’s called the West Queen Elementary School and it was refurbished for living, decades ago. It’s more of a scholar’s studio, laden with books and objects from my travels, working around the world. So it’s more of a workspace. The island house is just that, a house; however, it’s where I live. There’s a studio attached that allows me to work, resolutely, pretty much all the time.

This is a special tree, not old, a pine — that acts as a kind of fulcrum to all the experiences that are evinced in this northerly, more rugged, storm-driven realm — a rock cast in the sea channel of the San Juan archipelago.

The tree and the southern cairn:

The tree and a southbound Grey Heron:

The eastern branch, containing the moon:

Branch, cairn and kingfisher:

The tree and the encroaching mist:

The tree and the ravenstone:

Dawn rise and the tree:

Trump Island, mist and the southern branches:

Sometimes there is one tree that you hold in your heart, that resides in your mind, that speaks in memory.

What’s your tree, then? Where is it? And what pictures, have you?


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