Being in the place of trees…

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When I contemplate the place of the tree in my heart, I go there in my mind. And I go back to many forests, in many parts of the planet, that take me back to where it began, that connectedness, in the center of me — to the forest: the love of wild trees.

I hold that experience in my body and soul wholly — the scent, the taste, the hearing, the touch, the sight. It is reaching to me fully.

I wonder about you, what’s your sense of your story in the place — made — in forest? What images do you have to share — for this story?

Sacred grove compound, buddhist complex, japan.

Silence, snow, aspen.

cloud, prayer flag forest — lolo pass, bhutan

mist forest, mount merapi, java

sunrise, ponderosa, idaho

temple forest pathway, bali, indonesia

fall, fallen, san juan county

forest ascent, the himalayas

To each of these places, and surely many others that you’ve experienced — each, your own story — there is a recounting of the power of the surround, the atmosphere of the forest. Whether darkly ancient, light and newly founded, sparse and wildswept mountainous, pine formed or leafy broad, rich and green or forlornly barren as winter forests — each has a place in the mind, and in experience — that will never be forgotten.

What about you? What mind fullness, what forest memory do you hold?

tsg | decatur island