Hello. 2008. Goodbye. 2007.

I believe, in a way, that numbers symbolize something beneath the quickly seen calculation.


Personally — I love the 8.  


And I love drawing the 8. Collecting 8s.

Last year, the outward spiral of the 9 spoke to the movement of that year, now past. 2007 (2+7) = the 9. This year, to a numerological casting, is a 10, 2+8. That, a powerful number — the 1, the 0.

For the designer, it’s about the combination of everything that design is — the straight, the true line; the curve of containment, the spin of the world. When I teach drawing, or the design of typography, creating letterforms, it’s always about that — those strokes.

The line. The curve. How they meet creates rhythm.

The one, the zero. And 2008 has that layering — the 1, the 0. 10.

Last year, I’d shown that cast of shells in the water, spiraling, the progression of time, beneath the flow of the tidal sea. Time moves on. Beauty emerges.

Maybe you remember seeing that. If not, I’ll send it along.

But the interesting combination, for me — is the rhythm of the numbers. This year, I turn 55; it’s 2008. Everything adds up, I suppose.

And it shall be a 10.

Wishing every wellness to you, this year — every other…