If I can look
to anything,
with the challenges
whirling about — I offer this:
simply be present (and in that, you are the present — to Daniel)
and to your-Self.

The stuff that goes on,
goes on — and you are there
t( h e r e)
with it.

But being there, being clear —
stating your place,
staking your presence
you are
with it,
with Daniel —
and the others.

It’s the anchor that will
keep you rooted to the sand
below, (that is there for all of us)
beneath the swirling
of the seas, passing.
The time, washing by.
The tides, turning.

And, you will make it through.
Maybe drenched.
Maybe salted
with the brine of experience —
the sea — but, you will
make it.

For me, this is all there is.

Stand clear, be sentient — be a sentinel,
the guardian of your own lightbeacon —
let the senses guide you,
to the washing of the feelings;
and you will move forward, looking
out over the landscape…

with this clarity, this sureness
of sight, albeit with the other feelings.

That is strength.
That is: moving forward —

Step by step, moment by moment,
in momentum.

Stand watch.
For ever. And for each.

For other.