Early, this morning,
I lit 6 candles at the Wanderer
cairn, overlooking the
rippling wateredge.
And, as they flickered, in
the lightest waft of
seaborne breeze,
I remembered, in many ways,
the wandering that I have done.

And where did this exploring
zeal come from,
a quintessential
curiosity, of being away?

Seeking, all ways,
other ways to see.

For Girvin, wandering is a way.
In each of us, there is a
need to explore, and gather,
out there, in questing for
more. And while now,
there are 5 Girvins, of the
original clan, there is the
spirit of six, and more…
who are emerging, in their
sense of seeking that
which is out there.

A continuing unfolding,
an explication, of wanderers,
still emerges.

But in the end, we all
know — that out there,
is merely a reflection
of what can be found:

In here.

In each place, seek
and you shall find.

Hear, here.