the office this morning. All was silent except for the delicate “tinkling” sound that I heard from afar. It sounded like running water, a persistent drip. Then, moving down the corridor, I realized that it was crickets chirping. Yes, I will proffer, the crickets are OUT. Exploring, singing to each other. Their unfed and undernourished lifespan is short, so don’t worry, they will soon disappear into infinity, but for the moment, enjoy their hidden song. Perhaps it’s better that they spread their cheer in this way, than to have their song silenced by the mandibles of the Emperor scorpions gamboling near by my desk.

And then, the classic Haiku master Issa had this to offer:

Why cry?

We all go that way…

In a couple of hours I will be heading out to Chicago, then to Krakow, Poland. From there, on Monday, I will be heading to Paris, returning Sunday. With both meetings, there are great things in the offing. A new client and opportunity for Girvin to help with change in the world…then to Paris, seeking a new alliance to further globalize our efforts on behalf of our clients. You can, of course, expect alot of images, writing and drawn observations, which I will be happy to share.

As to the parable of the scorpions (and their fodder: the crickets), given to me initially as gifts from my daughters, here’s a further tale, something in the path we all seem to take:

A turtle is crossing a stream. A scorpion queries: “Can you take me across?” The good natured turtle replies to the affirmative, even considering the risk. While they are crossing the stream, the scorpion stings the turtle, and the turtle responds: “Scorpion, why did you sting me? Now we’ll both drown!” The retort from the Scorpion: “It’s in my nature…”

Perhaps the double nature of the allegory is to ponder with whom do you seek as your traveling companions…and further,when does your “nature” put you at risk?

Au Revoir and see you in a week!

Tim Girvin