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The Wanderer
Direction Series  
Mountain Series Mountains express our ascent, our footpath into a new scene, a journey which can be difficult, dangerous, but in the end, might offer a new vista or viewpoint. In conclusion, the Mountain Series leads us to accomplishments, which allow us to focus on new directions.
Forest Series The Forest can express growth and luxuriance, as the verdant path at our feet and the far reaches of green richness above. The forest can be bountiful or, in the fall and winter, bare and silent. It can lead to a sense of revelation, of the plentiful and the barren, or to the mystery of losing one's way and entanglement.
Desert Series The Desert explores the path of the wide-open way. Even though the horizon seems limitless, there's a path we can follow. We need to choose our way, avoid the mirage, seek the truth. This can be a pathway of parching discomfort or one of discovering unforeseen wealth that is revealed only after a difficult journey.
Cave Series The Cave is a place of subterranean excavation; we are digging in and uncovering. It is an inner world - a realm beneath the surface - a cocoon of nurturing and maturation. It is a place of foreboding and darkness, a womb of self-discovery.
Sea Series The Sea captures the spirit of liquidity and flow. It is a symbol of resilient complexity and transition; with moods ranging from quietude to surging change and chaos; it shifts from the peaceful to the storm-tossed.
Air Series The Air explores both lightness and darkness. The aerious spirit is not only about purity and clarity, but also cloudiness and mist. To live, we experience its sensate presence all around us. We learn to appreciate the potent revelations of the air, replete with the beautiful nocturnal darkness and the brilliance of the sunlit realm.
Fire Series The Fire is about warmth of providing a nurturing, comforting presence, but inversely, the firelight speaks to transformation, and potentially, destruction. It is the crucible, its contact can warm or burn. And the flame of humanity makes connections, melds disparate forces, liquefies the frozen and annihilates the unprepared.


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