Monthly Archives: February 2009

A love of the Raven

I’ve been out walking; and listening; and looking skyward — up through the trees, into the clear blue sky. And what happened there were three ravens, flying at once, over the top of me. And when the Raven flies, I … Continue reading

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The Sense of Silence

This morning, it’s profoundly quiet. Off, some miles from here, I can hear the distant rumbling of a freighter, its deep engines humming; and even now, that is fading. Otherwise, there is the soft murmur of the lightest rippling, a … Continue reading

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Mist, mystery, wander, wonder

In that exploration, that movement to see, I ponder what I’ve seen, what I’ve missed, what I’ve scene, what I’ve mist. In my experience — it’s that moment of attention — what might be sensed in the light, the energy … Continue reading

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