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Chinese Earthquake Survivors: A Phoenix Drawn

A friend of mine, just returning from China, Paula Rees, experienced the razor’s edge of the darkest anguish in Sichuan, China. As did many of us. But that was nothing compared to the Chinese themselves — the survivors — those … Continue reading

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8.8.08. 8:08:08am

There are 8 stories. 8 ideas. And 8 ways of thinking about things. 8|8|8 1. On this door. There was a door, that was a door to somewhere else. In merely seeing the door, it was a vision to another … Continue reading

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Right now

The quiet now is so profound that the only thing making noise are the two raccoons that, walking like humans, have come to visit me, coming up the steps to my studio checking on my progress. tsg | decatur island … Continue reading

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Wanderer Stone

A tiny snake, gartered — came to my house and chose one thing. To be quiet and cool, in the corner slate, just inside the door next to the wanderer stone. tsg | decatur island

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